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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome to Space Race Victory!

Well, I finally decided to make the plunge and switch over to Blogger. I had been keeping a rudimentary blog over at the 1UP.com domain, but the 1UP.com interface is primitive and therefore kind of a hassle. Then I heard about the “Blogger for Word” add-in and decided enough was enough, so here I am.

The title of this webpage is a reference to both the “Space Race Victory” of Sid Meier’s timeless classic, Civilization, and my lifelong interest in space exploration and development. Although in principle I have many hobbies—model rocketry, model airplanes, fine scale modeling—because of the pressures of a busy and satisfying job the only one I get to do with any semblance of regularity is PC Gaming. On this webpage, expect a lot of discussion of computer games and a few occasional tidbits about space exploration.

Since people will ask: My personal system (upon which I do 95% of my gaming) is a Dell Inspiron 8600c with the "Dothan" Pentium 715 chip and the ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 (M10 core) . For what its worth, its Windows Game Advisor rating is "Chug." That's OK, though, because I appreciate story and gameplay a lot more than snazzy graphics.

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