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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Call 1-800-PKUNKRA for a Star Control II Sequel

Hey, here's some good news from The Pages of Now and Forever: The company run by the creators of the original Star Control is interested in doing a true sequel...and may have somehow acquired the legal rights to do it. Alex Ness, a producer at Toys for Bob, is asking fans of Star Control II to either sign an online petition or send him an e-mail asking for a sequel, in order to convince The Powers that Be to get one started. Not sure how much momentum this has, but it's good news nonetheless. The lackluster Star Control 3 was produced by different developers and thus wasn't really that good (although PC Gamer gave it a 90%....). A sequel done by the original developers, Fred Ford and Paul Reiche, would be better--and they've had fourteen years to think about it. I would heartily encourage everyone to both sign the petition and send an E-mail. Star Control II is the best PC game ever made, and its high time that it had a proper sequel.

In other news, a new version of The Ur-Quan Masters, the free open-source release of Star Control II, has just been released, and features a searchable starmap and assorted stability improvements. If you've never played the greatest PC Game of all time, then it's definitely worth the free download.

1 comment:

  1. Now, a new version of Ur-Quan masters is great news. It makes me happy. Perhaps even lifts me to petition-signing mood..