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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The First Orbiter 2006 Patch Is Out

From Music of the Spheres comes news about the first patch for Orbiter 2006, which as usual includes a bunch of under-the-hood improvements and a spiffy new 3-d cockpit for the Space Shuttles. If you haven't downloaded the newest version and taken Orbiter for a test flight, now would be a great time.


  1. Great news, and a beautiful new blog... I'll link it as soon as I can...


  2. Oh... it's not new then... it says June all over the plece... Do wikibytes still live?

  3. Thanks Gnome!

    We haven't actually abandoned it, but the service we were using to autoupdate the WikiBytes feed onto the main SRV page isn't working at the moment. We've therefore kind of been in a holding pattern until we get upgraded to the new version of Blogger...

  4. I see...

    Oh come on... update.. please?