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Sunday, June 11, 2006

6 (Free) Programs I Can't Live Without

1) Firefox with the RSS ticker extension.
2) Thunderbird (or Netscape Mail). Thunderbird and NS Mail are pretty similar to each other, but Thunderbird is an updated version that can be customized with extensions and RSS reading capabilities.
3) Skype for monitoring webcams. Can easily monitor a webcam, and unlike AIM Trition, you don't have to have a webcam to see someone else's. Skype or Google Talk would be good for instant messaging if more people used it. So for now, I still can't live without AIM either.
4) Microsoft OneNote 2007 (Beta 2). It's free, it's awesome! Actually, I'd have a hard time living without any of the products in the Microsoft Office Suite. But OneNote is definitely the coolest. In fact try all the Beta 2 Office 2007 products now for free at the Microsoft website!
5) Hamachi. Already praised here on Space Race Victory for its ability to overcome networking problems.
AND #6) Unlocker. A free utility that lets you delete files even when Windows says: "Cannot delete Folder: It is being used by another person or program."

Got your own set of Freebies you can't live without?

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