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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Past ATI AIW Drivers and MMC Versions

GAA! WinBlows!

I am currently reformatting my hard drive again for the second time in the last month. This time thanks to a crappy uninstall of a program from the Windows Add or Remove Programs tool, which apparently caused an error in the hard drive partition. Well, I was only 3 programs away from having recovered from the last reformat.

Anyway, the point of this post besides a soul-healing rant-a-thon, is to update some information about the link I provided in my last ATI post: upgrading ATI Catalyst and MMC. I noticed during my redownload of the ATI upgrades for my newly re-re-formated hardrive that the link in my previous post to the list of Past Versions of Catalyst and MMC was somewhat misleading. It's not exactly wrong, but it also won't take you directly to the hidden list. I apparently underestimated the strength of ATI's conviction to keep this list out of the mainstream. Unbeknowst to me, the url at the top of the page when the list is displayed in the browser, will not, upon later use, actually take you to the list.

So here are the instructions on how to find this "hidden" list in case you are having as much trouble as I did the first time of navigating the ATI website.

1) Follow this link to ATI.
2) Make sure you allow scripts if you're using a script-blocker in your browser.
3) In the sidebar on the left, scroll down to find your operating system, click on the plus sign next to it (if its a minus you don't need to click). In my case I'm clicking on Win XP.
4) Next, click on the plus sign next to your hardware, in my case All-In-Wonder.
5) Then click on the plus next to Radeon. After doing this you will see an amazing thing: The link to past drivers and MMC versions!
6) Click on the link and be happy! ...At least until you actually try to install or use the software.

See my previous ATI posts for advice and insight about upgrading and using ATI Catalyst, MMC, and Remote Wonder: upgrading ATI Catalyst and MMC, ATI Remote Wonder -- It's a Wonder When it Works!, ATI All-in-Wonder Out of Box Review (includes review of Catalyst drivers), ATI Multimedia Center Out of Box Review, and ATI: TV Leftovers (includes note on some weird icons and how to disable TV-On-Demand).

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  1. To Mr. Gnome, should you read this...
    A re-reformat is the sort of thing that should happen only on a Monday. How does this work with your theory that all Mondays are agents of chaos?
    Perhaps, Monday wanted to catch me off guard. What better way than to plan a misfortune on another day of the week?

  2. Never plan a misfortune on a Monday my dear Juli of a raptor. You see, even if a Monday goes fine, the danger is never away, as the Monday is usually followed by a catastrophic week of epic proportions...
    And since you're into the comets thing too, please don't watch this on a Monday...


  3. http://www.ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/weblog.php?/weblog

  4. Interesting find. That is one BIG month-of-Mondays-and-all-the crummy-days-that-follow-them-sized impactor! At least the narration sounds cheerful and peppy, so we can feel good about the new molten version of the Earth and our discontinued existence on it. I guess my technical difficulties aren't as bad as all that, although at the time I don't think I would have minded that giant impactor crashing right into my monitor.

    Thanks for cheering me up a little :)